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Oliver Wardell - Live at Owl Shed Studios

Oliver was top of the list for future live sessions considering he hired Andrew to play drums on his album 'Take It Personally' See Below:

Our experiment for this live session would be attempted to record multiple band members split between two rooms. We yeeted Andrew and his drums into the smaller live room, Oliver and I remained in the big room. Our second concept was attempting to record vocals and live amps in the same space, while maintaining a reasonably low noise floor for the vocal. I opted to have both the guitar and bass amp face down the room, away from the vocal mics and chose a super-cardioid (See Below) microphone, the 'Shure Beta57a' for main vocal. The reason for choosing the beta57a being the increased side rejection, hopefully ignoring most of the noise in the room and capturing a clean direct signal.

It should be fairly obvious that we had a lot of fun recording this session. Although we all knew the tracks it was the first time we had played them together. Watch 'Take It Personally - Live at Owl Shed Studios' below:

Post production for this session was really fun: the drums sounded really punchy, the vocal had a great signal-noise ratio and the recorded guitar and bass tones were phat af. I modelled the drum sound off of a cover I produced for Andrew playing 'Foo Fighters - In the Clear' and made some adjustments to make it more appropriate for this session. To introduce some width into the guitars I recorded the amp/cab using a sm57 but also took a dry output from Oliver's POD HD. With this I was able to sculpt a secondary guitar tone using Neural DSP plugins and pan the live amp and modelled amp hard left and right. This left plenty of room down the middle for Olivers vocals and my OTT bass tone.


Oliver Wardell - Guitar/Vocals

Andrew Scott - Drums/Engineer

Jack Davenport - Bass/Backing Vox/Engineer/Post Production

Look forward to doing this again for album 2,

Jack Davenport

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