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Video Capture and Production

Oliver Wardell Owl Shed Studios

Owl Shed Studios is owned and run by two working musicians, both fully understanding the importance of having striking and well presented video to aid in the profile and perception of an artist and their work. Whether it's dedicated music content or capturing footage whilst working in the recording studio, Owl Shed Studios is well positioned to facilitate!

In a capacity of video production, Owl Shed Studios has worked with artists such as;

  • King King for a live session aired on Amazon,

  • Shooting and videography for music videos and lyric videos for Beldon Haigh,

At Owl Shed Studios, we use DSLRs with a variety of lenses to capture the majority of the shots we need with occasional support of two GoPros in the event of requirements that are too fiddly or spaces too tight for DSLRs and hands/tripods!

Owl Shed Studios has run shoots both in the studio (see links for live sessions or Mister Manoval, mentioned above) and offsite. Owl Shed Studios uses a selection of LED panel lights to fine tune lighting requirements, two of which are capable of modulating through the entire colour spectrum to help provide whatever feel is needed for the shot!

Owl Shed Studios uses DaVinci Resolve for all postproduction requirements.

For any and all enquires relating to video production, either as a project unto itself or in conjunction with any recording, please do get in touch at!

Clark McMenemy Owl Shed Studios
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