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Find below a selection of guide prices for different types projects.

Please keep in mind that these prices are guides to give an idea of what certain projects can cost. An individual quote will be necessary for all projects. Please do get in touch at!

Owl Shed Studios is committed to finding the right budget and package of services for the project and executing services rendered efficiently, effectively and with incredible final results!

In recording and producing music, there are an enormous array of things that can be done to expedite processes without making any sacrifices in quality or integrity. The more that can be done to keep time commitments low, the lower the cost will be! A blog post on things bands and artists can do to make things faster and cheaper can be found right here!


Full day (8 hours) recording - £200

Evening rate (3 - 4 hours) - £100

Single - £150 to £400

EP (3 to 5 songs, no more than 30 minutes in total length) - £300 to £1500

Full Length Album - £1000 to £3000

The prices above are reflective of many things. The upper limits offer an idea of what a full production could cost, where a record in its entirety have been recorded, mixed and mastered at Owl Shed Studios. The lower limits reflect works where perhaps arrangement is lighter, therefore fewer elements to balance in a mix or potentially sessions where the full band tracked live with few overdubs so studio time is low.


Figures below are rough estimates based on time taken and additional services required, 

(i.e. re-amping, time/pitch editing,  sample reinforcement, sound design etc.)

Single - £100 to £400

EP (3 to 5 songs, no more than 30 minutes in total length) - £250 to £1500

Full Length Album - £900 to £3000


Estimates based roughly on length of track and services required to get final master.

Single - £50 to £150

EP - £100 to £450

Full Length Album - £250 to £900

Remote Drum Tracking

Rates range from £150 to £500 per track.

Cost is very much dependent on difficulty of the track, track length and turnaround time required.

Batch deals can be done on larger projects, such as EPs and albums at Owl Shed Studios' discretion.

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