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King King
(blues rock)


John Edge and the Kings of Nowhere
(folk rock)

Night of the Living Dread
Film Score


I Built the Sky

Sam Birchall
(math rock)

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The Brief

Get drums on your project in these super simple steps!

1) Drop us an email at with whatever details you have about the music!

2) A quote is mutually agreed upon. Deposit (usually 50% of initial quote) is paid.


3) Client sends files (more info below!)


4) Drum tracking begins!


5) Revisions - a draft of each track is sent for client approval and any tweaks are made!

6) Final drafts agreed, payment completed and full drum stems are sent to the client!

More info below!


Andrew Scott has played on hundreds of recordings over the course of his recording career of more than 20 years.

Clients all over the world have made use of his wealth of experience in capturing the best sounds, stems and performances for their recordings. Having recorded for a huge span of artists, ranging from pop to folk to progressive metal to jazz and just about everything in between, Andrew and Owl Shed Studios have all the gear, expertise and ability to get you the performances you need for your music!

Andrew Scott Drums

The Process

It all starts with an email! Get in touch at with as much info as you can about the project. A couple of points to include in an initial email are how many tracks, roughly how long they are and how fast you're needing things turned around.

There are three things required for expedient and efficient drum tracking and that is no more than three audio files;

  • click

  • drums only

  • track without drums

In the past, Andrew has tracked to everything from GuitarPro midi files, Sibelius midi, a solo xylophone right through to full arrangements. As such, it really does not matter at all when in the order of tracking you get us involved - each project is different and has different requirements! Benefits to getting Andrew to track first are that future performances can be recorded to the final drum performances, along with the rhythmic and groove intricacies that are not always expressed by programmed drums ie. certain sections that sit behind or ahead of the beat for certain effect.

Once a fee has been agreed upon, a deposit paid (usually 50% of quote) and files sent and received, the work begins!

Any information that can be passed along regarding parts and performances is extremely useful to an efficient recording process. It is vital for there to be an understanding of what parts must be kept close to and where there is space for interpretation and expansion - the latter being one of the main reasons clients come back time and time again to work with Owl Shed Studios! Each track gets a stage of revisions to patch up any performance elements missed or note quite expressed to taste. Revisions beyond a first round may be subject to additional costs at the studio's discretion.

With each track completed, a draft will be sent for client approval. Once we have a full set of performances, the rest of payment is to be transferred and only once this is complete will final stems be released. Final stems will be uploaded to individual song folders, grouped in a larger project folder on Google Drive where they will remain for a month for download. 

Andrew Scott Drums


An extensive list of mics and drums can be found on our GEAR page. This section instead will illustrate how Andrew's approach to and use of this gear will benefit your recordings!

We always choose gear with a musical ear first. What does the song need and what would benefit it? What kind of snare sound could work with guitar tones used/planned? What kind of ride would have a bell that won't interfere with the frequencies of the vocal range?

There are a couple of things that really define the feel of a drum set recording. The snare, the hats, the ride, the bass drum and the room. Other elements are important but by far the most distinctive are those five. As such, we have made sure to keep a range of instruments and mics in store and recording techniques developed so that whatever project crosses our desk, that we can accommodate its needs.

Are snares going to be low and 'doofy'? Will they be high, with loads of 'crack'? Will it be a full bodied middle ground? Do you hear the kick being pillowy and soft? Do you hear it being just about all 'click' and attack? Do you want cymbals that cut through and are present in the arrangement or do you want them to blend in like butter? Do you want the room to sound tight and punchy or big and cavernous? Any, all of these and so much more have been requested and executed by Owl Shed Studios. 

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