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CRUSH - A Failure of Moderation

NEW SINGLE 'CRUSH' From Edinburgh Prog-Metal band 'ARGBTRG'

AKA (A Really Good Band That's Really Good) Listen Below:

Drums recorded in Owl Shed Studios, Engineered by Jack Davenport. Guitars recorded in 'The Sic Bay' at Tone Garden. Mixed/Mastered and Video Editing/Artwork by Jack Davenport.

Why "A Failure of Moderation?"

Jack here! This is my account of the production process for this release. The song has taken a few different shapes over the last few years, ranging from a minimalist 'bedroom project' with MIDI drums and Virtual amp sims to a MASSIVE live drums setup, tube amps and sound design.

When ARGBTRG decided to push forward with the preproduction of this release we were in the middle of the pandemic (yes it took nearly 3 years to get this single together don't judge me). The plan was to have Clark (Drummer) compose their parts using MIDI and we would build a virtual kit using the GGD PIV Drum Library. With a fair amount of back and forth we eventually finished this process and were happy to move forward. At this point restrictions had lifted enough for Oliver (singer/guitarist) and I to go into his studio at Tonegarden (The Sic Bay) to get guitars done.

Continued Below...

Guitar Tracking turned out to be a pretty smooth process. After consuming a couple of 'family mix' meals from 'chicken club' we did some tone testing using 4 of the tube amp heads we own. Blackstar HT 20, PRS mt15, Orange Dark Terror and 1980s Mesa Boogie MkII. We ran these heads into a 'Two Notes Captor 8' Load box and used Virtual Cab IRs. Guitars used were a Fender(ish) Telecaster and a PRS(ish). We used a Pod HD rack for pre amp FX. Craig (Bassist) and I recorded in Owl Shed Studios using his Dingwall NGD 5 string and Microtubes 900 Bass Amp.

All of this seems pretty exciting thus far, the issue of moderation came from the drums. It took the band so long to work out logistical plans for a music video that we got bored and went in to the studio to record the next two singles! Clark suggested we filmed a playthrough of 'CRUSH' during this session. What we ended up with was a comp of the 'CRUSH' play-through that was so strong I was determined we should use it for the studio version. SO BACK TO SQUARE ONE.

Because guitars/bass and vocals were now recorded and done to the grid I decided to do a fair amount of time based editing to the live drums to keep them tight with the already recorded parts. I used one shots from the MIDI version of the drums to sample reinforce Clark's live drums (mainly because we had become accustomed to how OTT it was sounding). It wasn't long before the production of this song was finished and we would continue to sit on it for over 6 months! BUT HERE IT IS! For more mad ARGBTRG follow the link:


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