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Arbor Green - As We Grow - Live at Owl Shed Studios

Beards, Ballads and Banter

'As We Grow' is the 3rd track from a four part series of live sessions recorded at owl shed studios. The prior sessions had been quite heavy by comparison so this was an interesting experiment in capturing vibe while achieving extremely detailed sounding source audio. The spanned a range of sounds within their genre 'Scottish folk' and 'Indie/Alt-folk'. Below is a playlist of live sessions at Owl Shed Studios, you may see them there a few times!


Ali Begg - Guitar and vocals

Thomas Caldwell - Guitar and vocals

Anna Bradley-Scott - Fiddle and keyboards

Samuel Bradley - Bass and vocals

Simon Gibb - Drums and percussion

Camera work/Engineering - Jack Davenport/Andrew Scott

Post Production/Video Editing - Jack Davenport

For Mixing/Session rates contact us at:


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