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Azure - Live at Owl Shed Studios

Before I get too into my account for the above session, I'd like to apologise for making the lovely folks from Azure do a 10am session the morning after a show, mid tour. You are absolute troopers. They managed to not only nail the tracks but leaned into a vibe that made these live editions stand out from their original studio versions.

The Brighton based Proggers brought a couple of diverse tracks into the studio for us to capture. 'The Jellyfish' feels like a song out of a '1975' Album, with its chorus layered guitars, prominent synths and upbeat lyrics. Whereas 'Spark Madrigal' Feels like Homer's 'Odyssey' except Odysseus is cutting about in a wizards cloak and hat.

We were able to maintain a lot of control over the noise floor for this session due to all guitars/bass/keys running DI and keeping the drums and vocals in separate rooms. This enabled me to use the AKG c214 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone for vocals which yielded amazing results in the post production stage due to how detailed it sounds. We also had some fun experimenting in lighting, after making the 'Oliver Wardell' session hot pink we thought we'd try leaning into teal and orange, an aesthetic i've enjoyed editing for photos but hadn't tried yet for filming. I loved the results in the colour grade stage of the edit and I think it looks classy AF!


Christopher Sampson - Guitar/Vocals

Galen Stapley - Lead Guitar

Alex James Miles - Bass Guitar

Shaz D - Keys

Andrew Scott - Drums/Engineer

Jack Davenport - Camera/Post Production

If you're reading this, I love ye Jack Davenport


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